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Our Partners

Sabin partners with organizations worldwide to deepen journalist and health worker knowledge, skillsets and connectivity to report, communicate or advocate on vaccines and immunization. Our partnerships include but are not limited to:

International Pediatric Association

Sabin provides support to the International Pediatric Association’s activities to bolster communications and advocacy skillsets and opportunities for health workers worldwide. As part of this partnership, Sabin is supporting piloting IPA’s Vaccine Trust Project in low- and middle-income countries in Eastern Europe and Latin America transitioning off assistance from Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. The Vaccine Trust Project aims to increase and utilize the communications and advocacy skillsets of health workers providing or promoting vaccines and immunization with the training of health workers.

Thomson Reuters Foundation

Sabin provides support to the Thomson Reuters Foundation to offer training programs and educational resources for journalists and media professionals in Gavi transition countries in Eastern Europe and Latin America to better prepare them to accurately report on vaccines and immunization. Training includes online educational sessions on vaccine and immunization fundamentals, expert speakers and hands-on health reporting workshops led by Thomson Reuters Foundation educators.

Agência Bori and the Instituto Questão de Ciência

Sabin provided support and expertise in November 2020 to Agência Bori and the Instituto Questão de Ciência to provide a workshop to deepen Brazilian reporters’ knowledge of vaccines and immunization, including COVID-19 vaccine development. Agência Bori provides resources and training to journalists to improve scientific press coverage in Brazil and Instituto Questão de Ciência promotes the use of scientific evidence in designing and evaluating public policies.

Updated 4/28/2021