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Health Workers Resource Hub on Vaccines and Immunization

Sabin Resources

Explore resources from Sabin on vaccine acceptance and demand, research and development, and safety and effectiveness.

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Vaccines and Immunization: The Fundamentals

This two-part online course, available in English, Russian and Spanish, is designed to assist health workers in reviewing the fundamental aspects of vaccines and immunization, including manufacturing and quality assurance practices, clinical immunization practices and barriers to achieving optimal vaccine coverage.

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Download Vaccines and Immunization, our educational slide kit with lecture notes for use in presentations to health workers.

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Join & Engage in the Boost Community

Health workers and other immunization professionals play a vital role in delivering one of the world’s most powerful health interventions: vaccines. Boost is building a world where immunization professionals are empowered to grow and lead in their careers and accelerate change in their communities.

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This informational series of videos and infographics from Sabin dives into how vaccines work, why they are important for community immunity to diseases, how they are developed, how they are tested, and how they are regulated.

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Meeting the Challenge of Vaccination Hesitancy

A report published in June 2020 by the Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group lays out actionable steps that leaders across healthcare, research, philanthropy and technology can take to build confidence in vaccines and vaccinations.

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Powering Vaccine R&D: Opportunities for Transformation

A May 2021 report published by the Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group examines the core components of the vaccine ecosystem and finds opportunities to transform and accelerate the development of vaccines.

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In this commentary for The Lancet, Sabin President of Global Immunization Bruce Gellin explores how understanding deeper issues behind vaccine rumors is key to building trust. “Without understanding and addressing trust, efforts to improve vaccine confidence will be a steep climb.”


IPA Vaccine Trust Project

The IPA Vaccine Trust Project aims to increase and utilize the communications and advocacy skillsets of health workers providing or promoting vaccines and immunization with the training of health workers.

IPA Vaccine Trust Course consists of seven modules and two living-learning modules (available on IPA Website Vaccine Trust Project) designed to equip health workers with holistic knowledge and skillsets to increase people’s trust in immunization.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Development Information

Explore the articles and opinion pieces below to deepen understanding of COVID-19 vaccine development and discussions on future COVID-19 vaccine acceptance and demand.

How the Pandemic Ends Now

August 12, 2021, The Atlantic

Your Questions About Coronavirus Vaccines, Answered

April 2, 2021, The Washington Post

Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker

This resource from The New York Times outlines the process to make, test, and distribute a vaccine for COVID-19, and includes information on the different vaccine candidates in development.

Coronavirus Variants: Latest News and Updates

This resource from The New York Times outlines the origins and status of new COVID-19 variants categorizing them into variants of interest, variants of concern, and mutations that help the coronavirus disease spread.


Assessing Country Readiness for COVID-19 Vaccines - First Insights from the Assessment Rollout

This March 2021 World Bank report assesses countries’ readiness to safely deploy COVID-19 vaccines in 128 low- and middle-income countries, focusing on ten key indicators, including cold chain & logistics, population prioritization, budgeting, training of healthcare personnel, and safety surveillance, among others. (Photo Credit: World Bank/Henitsoa Rafalia)


Duke Global Health Innovation Center's Launch and Scale Speedometer

This initiative from the Duke Global Health Innovation Center aggregates and analyzes publicly available data to track the flow of procurement and manufacturing of COVID-19 vaccines to better understand global equity challenges.

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A Practitioner's Guide to the Principles of COVID-19 Vaccine Communications

Created by the Center for Public Interest Communications at the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications in partnership with Purpose and the United Nations Verified initiative, this guide outlines eight principles for sharing vaccine information that can guide efforts to increase acceptance and demand for vaccines, including a future COVID-19 vaccine.

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Global & Regional Vaccines and Immunization Authorities

Explore guidance, policies and resources of global and regional authoritative bodies for vaccines and immunization.


Explore resources and upcoming e-learning courses for community health workers (CHWs) and CHW supervisors on storytelling and advocacy.

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A collection of tools, reports, toolkits and journal articles that can be used to develop tactics and plans to counter misinformation around vaccines and immunization.


History of Vaccination and How We Conquered Smallpox

In this TED-Ed talk, Simona Zompi, director of research at the Center for Youth Wellness, examines the people who were integral in the development of the first vaccines.

Updated 8/13/2021