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Dorothy Logedi
Dorothy Logedi
Public/Global Health
Epi Logistician at the Sub-County Level, Ministry of Health
Languages: English

My name is Dorothy Mmbone Logedi, a female from Kenya. I have 20 years working in the field of immunization. I have worked in various health facilities, private, faith-based and government facilities and am currently heading immunization program at the sub-county level. I have spent five years coordinating the program.

I hold a diploma in nursing from Kenya Medical Training (Nyeri campus) and first degree (undergraduate) in community health development at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University (Bondo).

I have passion and I enjoy working in a maternal-child health clinic, where I both serve the child with immunization and meet the family planning needs of the mother. I use the opportunity of the mother or caretaker to pass the information on the importance of immunization and completing the immunization schedule and also advise the mothers to space their pregnancy through family planning. I extend the awareness to the community through community volunteers, on communication skills on how to address myths and conception on vaccines to increase MCH SERVICES and increase immunization coverage and reduce defaulters.

I am involved in the rollout of new vaccines, training of health care workers, management of cold chain and vaccine management and viewing data for decision making at sub-county.