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Voices for Vaccines: Sharing the Experiences of Nurses & Midwives to Promote Vaccine Equity & Acceptance

Note: This blog was originally published by the Nursing Now Challenge.

On 10th August at 2:30 pm (BST) the Nursing Now Challenge, in partnership with the Sabin Vaccine Institute’s Immunization Advocates program, launched a new challenge as part of its Global Solutions Initiative to elevate the voices and perspectives of nurses and midwives with the aim of influencing discussions and decisions on vaccine equity and acceptance at local, national and global levels.

This latest NNCGSI challenge will run from 10th August until 10th September during which time nurses and midwives will be supported to develop an activity, using their experiences in interacting with patients, colleagues, and family/friends/community, to advocate for vaccination access and/or acceptance. As one of the most trusted professions, nurses have the opportunity and skill to influence the people they care for and the knowledge and experience to inform high-level policy decisions.

In many countries around the world, nurses, midwives, and other frontline health workers are yet to be prioritised for COVID-19 vaccinations despite the ever-growing death toll among this population and the vital role played by frontline health workers in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a recent statement, Howard Catton, CEO of the International Council of Nurses said that the single most important issue today is making sure that nurses and other healthcare workers are vaccinated as a priority group.

“Nurses and midwives deliver the majority of health services around the world and are crucial gatekeepers for families and communities to make informed decisions about vaccines and immunizations,” said Vince Blaser, Director of Sabin’s Immunization Advocates program. “As policymakers make decisions about COVID-19 vaccine rollouts and routine immunization campaigns, nurses and midwives’ stories can help lead the push for vaccine equity and acceptance in all communities.”

The winners of this challenge will benefit from…

  • A six-week training course led by a leading storytelling and leadership trainer Dr. Pedja Stojicic of People Power Health
  • The opportunity to share their story during a session at the ICN Congress, 2nd – 4th November on nursing leadership in vaccine equity and acceptance
  • $1,000 prize money to develop their idea
  • Complimentary registration to the ICN Congress

Read more about this challenge and what to include in your submission here.

Watch the Voices for Vaccine storytelling challenge launch webinar here.

This challenge is not associated with the Voices for Vaccine project of the Task Force for Global Health.