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Vaccines and Immunization: The Fundamentals

October 27, 2020
Online Training

This online course is designed to assist learners in reviewing the fundamental aspects of vaccine science including manufacturing and quality assurance practices, clinical immunization practices and barriers to achieving optimal vaccine coverage.

Vaccines represent one of the most important health interventions developed to date, possessing the ability to vastly alter the trajectory of human health. However, despite this tremendous progress, additional steps are needed to reach the millions of people who remain unvaccinated and under-vaccinated. This two-part course designed for health workers covers topics such as:

  • Modern Vaccines in Context
  • Benefits of Vaccination
  • Impact of Vaccine Hesitancy and Pockets of Low Coverage
  • The Fundamentals of Vaccine Science
  • The Vaccine-Immune Response: Clinical Considerations

Part 1

Part 2