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Community Conversations on Vaccines, Episode 1: Dr. Naveen Thacker


Episode 1: Dr. Naveen Thacker

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Presented by Immunization Advocates, Community Conversations on Vaccines will explore issues related to vaccines and immunization in low- and middle-income countries through interviews with on-the-ground professionals in those communities, including health workers and journalists.

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Naveen Thacker, the executive director of the International Pediatric Association. Vince Blaser and Francesca Montalto talk to Dr. Thacker about the challenges of rolling out COVID-19 vaccines and his experiences delivering routine childhood immunizations and working on India’s polio eradication program.

Dr. Thacker discusses global barriers to vaccines and immunization, including issues with communication, the infodemic and social inequity and discusses the Vaccine Trust Project, IPA’s new online learning modules. He also shares his recent appearance in a PSA for COVID-19 vaccination, his experience receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at a press conference in Gujarat, India.

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